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I am a physiotherapist and as a Pose coach, I have been personally trained by Nicholas Romanov (the founder of the Pose method of Running). Running is very close to my heart. In my passion called triathlon it is my favorite leg. Pose running has done me well personally. No more running injuries, faster running times, better recovery (so I can train harder and more) and I can run in any shoe that I want. I prefer to run bare foot or (with cold weather or when the surface demands so) in minimalistic shoes. You can watch my own current running style here.
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Throughout the years, I have gained a lot of experience in coaching athletes to smarter running. Whether they are recreational runners, top-ranking athletes, chronically injured runners, CrossFit athletes or running coaches of the KNAU. The Pose method of Running is currently used worldwide and there is scientific proof that it appears to be effective in reducing the load on knees and preventing shin splint injuries. Here you can read an interesting article written by a sport’s physician (as well as a Pose coach) and a link o my pose coach profile. I would like to refer you to the Coach Jacky section for the rest of my credits regarding movement..
CIMG1411_3Jacky, Dutch Champion Barefoot running 10 K Tilburg, The Netherlands

A couple of years ago, I had an interesting meeting with Mida Schutte, a 87-year old foot specialist. Please watch this video “De voet als fundament van ons lijf” [Your feet are the foundation of your entire body] to see for yourself and for further details..