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RTC Duursport [Endurance and triathlon club in The Hague] offers its club members the possibility to do strength training at Fysio & Zo. This makes a lot of sense, for several studies have shown that strength training sessions positively influence endurance performance. thumbnail-6The VO2 max will improve and the locomotor system (muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules and bones) is better prepared for heavy physical loading, thus preparing the athlete for performance with less discomfort. In addition, the athlete will have a faster recovery after the training sessions and be able to train more efficiently. Also older athletes (> 40 years) are recommended that they do strength training regularly to keep up to the current performance level as long as possible and to reduce the physical disabilities due to ageing.

During the past winter, also the HDM 1st Mens Hockey team were working on strength and flexibility on a weekly basis to enable them to enter the second half of the field competition fit and in a good shape.

Triathlon Team Tri-fa sponsored by Fysio & Zo also spent an afternoon for a natural and healthy work-out in the crossfit box of Fysio & Zo.

Is your club or sports team interested in a strength work-out in a fully equipped training facility where you can work-out with 10 to 15 people, please contact me. We might have a spare hour. The training facility is for rent on condition that the training is being supervised by someone who is certified for coaching and health.