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We do not have the exact figures concerning the number of runners in The Netherlands; this is mainly due to fact that the definition of running is not consistent (who is included and who’s not). However, it is clear that running is an activity that we regularly do during our lives and much to our delight. Running is both a leisure activity and part of other sports, such as field sports like football and hockey, or it serves to improve fitness and to support other sports like skating or boxing.
Running is an activity that we regularly do during our livesrunning is an activity that we regularly do during our lives do not move enough and we sit down for too many hours a day. As a consequence, we are no longer in touch with our bodies and we no longer feel how we should run efficiently. As a result, per year approx. 80% of all runners end up with some kind of injury, which can be so serious that they need to take a break from running for two or three weeks at a stretch.

At Fysio & Zo, we do not only look at the injury and damage done in runners but we will also investigate the current running technique. This is a good way to look upon injuries and their origin from a technical point of view. It turns out to be a more sustainable way of treating injuries and preventing injuries in the long run.
Moreover, Fysio & Zo can also make a useful contribution to athletes who are already capable of running fast but who, when training even more and harder, reach the boundaries of their physical abilities. By learning an efficient running technique you can train more often and more intense. When applying a correct running technique muscles, tendons and joints etc are being burdened the way they should and can handle. The athlete will be capable of a faster recovery after hard training sessions and be able to get the most out of his trainings and to have PBs that suit him or her.

I would like to refer to the sections under Injuries and Running Technique.