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  • Physiotherapist with 25 years of experience. Refresher courses include Shoulder problems, Orthomanual therapy (lower extremity and spine), Running injuries, Medical taping, Physical training and fall prevention elderly and Chronic pain
  • Sixteen years of experience as a physiotherapist at Medical Centre Haaglanden (widely trained in various rehabilitation projects)
  • Certified and very advanced Pose Running coach Certificate
  • CrossFit coach (Level 1, Mobility, Gymnastics, Endurance)
  • Several workshops at Ido Portal, “teacher of movement”
  • Mediator Transformative Conflict Resolution
  • Endurance athlete (triathlete) and strength-endurance trainer at RTC Duursport
  • Physical counsellor for het Nationale Toneel for theatre production “De Prooi” 2014 (see below)

Physical counsellor for het Nationale Toneel by physiotherapist Jacky

Apart from working at Fysio & Zo I work part-time at FysioFit Den Haag.
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Feel free to make an appointment. I will be more than happy to help you!