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The NaturalFit training sessions are typically designed for people who want to work on a functional and fit body. At NaturalFit we do not use traditional fitness equipment. Reason is that this equipment forces you into isolated, artificial movements which, unfortunately, will not be of much help to you in daily life. At NaturalFit we aim for functional (and consequently healthy) 2014-11-04 20.30.53 movements involving the whole body. You can think of: lifting, casting, jumping, running, pulling and pushing. In other words, we address the body through all kind of useful skills. We built up stamina by rope jumping, running, rowing or cycling which is eligible for the capacity of the heart, the vascular system and the lungs. Furthermore, we train physical actions in which your own body acts as the counterweight. You can think of skills from the good old gymnastics requiring a beautiful combination of balance, strength and flexibility. This includes e.g., push-ups, pulling or pushing at a barbell, a muscle up in the rings or climbing and hanging in a rope. Finally, it is important to safely (healthy) lift external weights. This will explicitly train the muscles to get stronger using additional external weights such as barbells, free weights and kettlebells.
For participants in the NaturalFit group training there are also a couple of free training hours available.

A training session at “NaturalFit” is done in small groups (8-10 participants). Prior to the training there is a short warming-up that partly takes place outside at the boulevard. Afterwards we will practice certain technical elements from the domains mentioned above. Most important is a good (= healthy) execution of the movement. Your coach (and also physiotherapist) will ensure this and will adapt the exercise to the current physical possibilities (scaling) when needed. IMG_3225_2At the end of the training we will wrap up the several skills in a circuit. The last and most intense part of the training is called High Intensity Training (HIT). HIT-trainings appear to be very effective for improving stamina and strength, but also to lower high blood pressure or blood sugar levels. The training sessions are accessible to both beginners and advanced participants and can be beneficial to all. For example, one participant will use pure arm strength when climbing up in the rope, while another one will pull oneself from longsit to standing position by using a rope. Apart from a lot of fun, the training sessions are excellent for improving posture and decreasing, improving and preventing physical problems with neck, shoulders and back.

I kindly refer to the following link to an interesting publication about the meaning of high intensity training. A lot of people expect an increase in injuries while training highly intensive. This is not true as long as attention is being paid to quality of movement and customized and scaled to the individual possibilities. At Fysio & Zo we can absolutely assure this unconditionally. Please shoot me an email or drop me a line when you have doubts for physical reasons whether or not to participate in the training sessions. Prior to your first training, I will always want to be informed about your current health status and your motivation to participate, so that I can provide you with customized sports coaching.