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Running Injuries & More

On a yearly basis, approx. 80% of all runners end up with some kind of injury, which can be so serious that they need to take a break from running for two or three weeks at a stretch. This has been the case for decades, despite advanced design, cushioning and anti-pronation technology in running shoes that have been put in the market over the past years! The cushioning in the shoes may be the reason for causing a kind of running technique in the walking modus. Schermafbeelding 2015-03-26 om 14.23.22The foot overstriding far in front of the hip and landing on the heel creates a braking effect which has a huge impact on the body. The impact on the body of landing on the heel is much higher than anticipated and it implies a hard time for joints, muscles and tendons. Apart from this, the public image in the media of how the ideal runner should look like while running (see picture) does not really contribute to become fully aware of how one may prevent injuries.
For people who start running the weekly 30 minutes, easy going around the block a poor technique will probably cause minor problems, however, once contaminated with the running virus you want more and will start setting ambitious goals. Once we have done a 5 K run, we want to do a 10 K run and ideally, the next 10 K must be executed faster. When we aspire to run longer and faster, the hazard of physical overloading is just around the corner.

Since the research of Daniel Liebermann in The Nature (about comparing the impact of running on the body when running in shoes vs running barefoot)Active landing and the publication of the book “Born to Run” by Christopher Mac Doughall a lot has been written about the advantages of landing on the forefoot when running. Indeed, by landing on the forefoot we can use our natural shock absorbers. Unfortunately, these advantages with regards to injury prevention are totally non-existing when one decides to just run on the forefeet (which is no art whatsoever).

As we take lessons in golf, tennis or skating to become a more skilled sportsperson, it makes as much sense to learn the correct running technique. Stop braking by landing under your body (your shins, knees and hips will thank you for this), align your upper body in a correct way and take care of your back and do no more than is strictly needed to move forward horizontally and as efficiently as possible.

LeaninPoseWorld Class runners (also technically!) Usain Bolt, Tirunesh Dibaba, Haile Gebreselassie en Moses Mosop (check their running styles at my Thjeko Youtube channel through the hyperlinks in their names)

This way, you will be able to get the best out of your running (faster recovery after loading and faster running times), but above all, it allows you to load your body as nature intended.

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