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Fysio & Zo was founded in 2006 by Jacky Ledeboer Pronk. Since 2014 Fysio & Zo has got a beautiful and new training facility at Treilerweg 34 in Scheveningen. It’s located at only 300 m from the quiet part of Scheveningen Boulevard. We will regularly do some of the training out here. The treatment and training facility looks like a tough gym. However, you won’t find any exercise machines such as a “leg press” here. Reason is that – in our opinion – exercise machines usually do not provide the body with a real load of movement compared with movement in daily life. So you will find some other equipment that makes much more sense. Equipment that provides you with the opportunity to train your body in a functional way, such that it allows the body to easily cope with daily activities (outside of our comfort zone of sitting in a chair!).
Complete gym at physiotherapist Fysio en Zo in The Hague, Scheveningen
Fysio & Zo offers a wide variety of physiotherapy and functional training to those who wish to move freely without any limitations. It’s for those who want to feel fit again, who want to remain fit and for elderly people who want to age healthfully, fit and as independent as possible. Finally, Fysio & Zo is the place to be for expertise and know-how in the area of running, overuse injuries and running technique, e.g., how to treat recurring running injuries or how to work on your running technique and become a faster runner.
Picture below: Pose running clinic at CrossFit Apeldoorn.

And remember: the key to results is motivation, determination en commitment.
Pose running clinic at CrossFit Apeldoorn
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By the way; I am looking for a male colleague physiotherapist with a zest for life, functional training, Olympic lifting and kids’ training. If you are interested to work a few hours a week at Fysio & Zo, please send me an email with your CV.

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