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Run/walk and fall prevention program

For elderly people falling is a health problem. Every year approx. 1,700 people die in The Netherlands by a fall or its complications. In addition, on average one in three people over 65 years old fall at least once a year. 12% of those falls require medical treatment. In more than half of these cases it is a bone fracture, usually the hip. Besides injuries a fall may also lead to the fear of falling resulting in avoiding activities and a worsening of the condition and general well-being.

Fall prevention for elderly

“Vallen verleden tijd” (download PDF) is an exercise program developed by the Sint Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen and specifically addresses elderly people who live independently. Scientific research has shown that the risk of falling after participating in such programs decreases by 46%. Fysio & Zo is certified to offer this program. One can participate in the “Run/walk and fall prevention” program either one to one, in the environment of the client (both indoor and outdoor) or in groups. In addition to balance, mobility and muscle strength, the program also includes daily challenges such as: stepping onto and off a curb, crossing a busy street, walking up a hill or stairs, etc. A home screening on safety issues is included in the program as well as a screening whether the client personally shows any possible risk factors. If necessary, the client is advised and assisted in how to reduce these factors that may increase the risk of falling. Fall prevention programs are now covered by many health insurance companies, but can also be claimed under physiotherapy.